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Beating the Post-Holiday Blues

Posted on: 01/03/2017

It's January. You've either taken down your holiday decorations or at least thought about it. Presents were opened, you indulged in great food, you made your rounds with family. As you head back into work today you can't help but feel a bit bummed. Your coworkers might be cranky. Help us all if the coffee pot is empty. The post-holiday drop is a real phenomenon, but you can beat it. Here are some tips to perk up your January:

1) Plan something fun. January calendars are often pretty empty and it can be tough to want to make plans when the weather is dreary. However, planning something fun can help boost everyone's spirits. Invite friends out for a night of curling at Canalside or grab dinner at that restaurant that was booked full the last few months. Not one to venture out into the cold? Start planning your vacation. Give yourself something to look forward to and get excited about it.

2) Ease into your routine. This goes for your normal habits and new ones stemming from your New Year's Resolution. Rather than restricting yourself from certain foods, why not make it your goal to add a veggie or fruit to every meal? Dreading the gym? Check out that fun new class they’re offering.

3) Think positive! It can be something small, even insignificant but take a second right now and think about something that makes you feel good. Consider writing down one good thing that happened every day and maybe even sticking it in a jar to reflect on when 2018 hits. Positivity is a great pick me up that takes no effort.

This too shall pass. Keep thinking about all you have to look forward to in 2017 and you’ll beat these blues in no time.

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