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There are two main types of headaches:

  • Primary headaches are headaches that do not result from another medical condition. They include tension, migraine and cluster headaches.
  • Secondary headaches result from another medical condition such as sinus problems, hormone imbalances, injury or tumor.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Each year, more than 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, severe headaches, including approximately 28 million who suffer from migraines. Medical science has identified more than 150 diagnostic categories for headaches, making an appropriate diagnosis critical to successful treatment. Once properly diagnosed, chronic headaches such as migraine or cluster headaches often respond well to treatment. Headaches resulting from secondary causes require prompt and accurate diagnosis so that the underlying cause can be treated. Our comprehensive neuro-imaging diagnostic capabilities include CT and MRI, and treatment that may include infusion therapy.

We treat patients with chronic debilitating headaches and conduct research on promising headache treatments. See our current listing of research/clinical trials for current opportunities. Along with approved drug therapies, we offer assistance including education, relaxation techniques, biofeedback, and stress management.

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