DENT Cannabis Clinic Near Buffalo, NY

For Patients Recommended to Consider Medical Marijuana as a Treatment Option


Laszlo L. Mechtler, MD, FAAN, FASN, Medical Director

Fran M. Gengo, PharmD, FCP, Neuropharmacological Director

DENT Cannabis Clinic LogoYour initial visit to The DENT Cannabis Clinic is to establish a provider-patient relationship and evaluate your eligibility for the program.

During that visit please expect the following:

  • Your clinical history, diagnostic studies and lab results will be reviewed.
  • A neurological examination will be performed.
  • Recommendations will be shared that may/may not include medical marijuana or a change in your current therapy.

A collaborative relationship will be established between your treating physician and our physician(s) within the DENT Neurologic Institute.

A follow up appointment will be scheduled at which point a discussion about the potential use of medical marijuana for the treatment of your medical condition will be discussed.

Medical Cannabis Assessment Referral Form

Cannabis Clinic Referral Form

Note: All physicians involved in the DENT Cannabis Clinic are registered by the New York State Medical Marijuana Program.

For more information on New York State Law and Regulations on Medical Cannabis please visit New York State’s website.


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