Traci Aladeen

Traci Aladeen, PharmD


Traci Aladeen

Dr. Traci Aladeen is a Clinical Pharmacist with DENT’s Division of Neuropharmacology. Dr. Aladeen sees patients with both psychiatric and neurological conditions at DENT for Medication Therapy Management, with special focus on patients with Substance Use Disorders.  She is also actively involved in the conduct of ongoing Phase II-IV multicenter clinical trials in psychiatry and neurology at DENT, as well as conducting investigator-initiated research. Areas of research focus include addiction, antipsychotic medications, antiplatelet medication PKPD, l-methylfolate and MTHFR mutations. Dr. Aladeen is also currently an Adjunct Instructor in the School of Pharmacy at SUNY Buffalo.

Dr. Aladeen is located at DENT Tower in Amherst.

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