Comprehensive Neurologic Services

The DENT Neurologic Institute is among the largest, most comprehensive neurology practices in the United States. We are focused on providing superior clinical care, advanced diagnostic services, clinical research, and education.

The breadth and scope of our clinical expertise has allowed the creation of our specialty clinics, each with the mission to provide a disease-specific approach to treatment. This unique and integrated model has strengthened our standards of care, quality measurement, outcomes and participation in clinical research.

Specialty Centers

Our specialty centers address a full range of neurological disorders, providing patients with opportunities to receive advanced treatments and benefit from the latest clinical research and the most up-to-date medical technology.

Diagnostic Services

Our experienced team of technologists, scientists and clinicians work together to evaluate your condition. Our diagnostic services utilize state-of-the-art medical technology, providing referring physicians and patients with the opportunity to receive fast, accurate results so that appropriate treatments can begin as quickly as possible.


We offer several therapies/treatments right in our clinics. Dent physicians and scientists are regularly engaged in a wide variety of clinical trials, outcomes research, and national and international collaborations, thereby arming us with critical insights into the most effective and affordable treatment protocols. Both our Amherst and Orchard Park locations offer infusion, chemodenervation (botulin toxin), trigger point, and other injection therapies. Vestibular (dizziness) therapy is available through our Balance Disorders and Dizziness Center. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a new technique for managing depression. An implantable pump and stimulators are monitored and calibrated through several of our clinics.

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