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Epilepsy, also called seizure disorder, results from abnormal electrical impulses in the brain. Seizures, which can last from a few seconds to several minutes, may include convulsions or loss of consciousness. Many seizures are milder, and may include staring blankly and jerky movements of the arms and legs. Mild seizures may not result in complete loss of consciousness.

Appropriate medical treatment can often fully control the symptoms of epilepsy, allowing patients to live active, normal lives.

Diagnosis and Treatment in Buffalo, NY


About one in 100 Americans will at some point in their lives have a single, unexplained seizure. A single seizure does not mean you have epilepsy. Two or more seizures are required for a diagnosis of epilepsy. If you have two unexplained seizures, the chances you will have more increase significantly. Diagnosis at that point would be the safest course of action.

DENT doctors treat patients ages 13 and older in our Epilepsy clinic located in Amherst and Orchard Park, NY with all types of epilepsy (pediatric cases, those under the age of 13, are treated in our Pediatric Neurology Center for care by our specialized team of Pediatric Neurologists). All of our clinic physicians are fellowship-trained epileptologists, neurologists trained in the treatment of epilepsy. Along with the most current non‑surgical treatments, we offer patients the opportunity to participate in medical trials for promising new drugs and other treatments.

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