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2021 Neurodiagnostic Week

Neurodiagnostic Week 2021 takes place from April 18-24. At DENT Neurologic Institute, this is one of many ways we can honor and celebrate our Neurodiagnostic professionals for their contributions by demonstrating their value to quality healthcare. The purpose of the week is to acknowledge the year-round efforts of the Neurodiagnostic professionals around the world. It […]

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Benign Paroxysmal Position Vertigo (BPPV) Case Study

Are You Experiencing Vertigo and Dizziness?Don’t Wait Years to Get the Help You Need to Fix a Common Condition! by Annette Pinder – Buffalo Healthy Living | Original article can be found here. Suddenly, I was waking up dizzy every day. You know how sometimes when you’re on an elevator, and it dips suddenly, making your

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World Stroke Day

If you or someone you know wants to make an appointment at the DENT Stroke Clinic, call 716-250-2000 or click here for more information. World Stroke Day 2019 is October 29. The world stroke campaign’s goal is to raise awareness of stroke symptoms and the leading causes of strokes. One in four people will have a

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