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Vaccines and Pain/Fever Medicines

Dr. Gengo shares information from a recent article. The use of Motrin and Tylenol when getting a vaccine possibly may have a negative impact on the immune response to the vaccine.

The recommendations:

  1. Use those medications only if needed.
  2. Using the medications before the vaccine to prevent side effects seems to have the most noticeable impact.
  3. Tylenol use a few hours after injection does not seem to have a negative impact on immune response.

Important notes:

  • Do NOT interrupt daily aspirin therapy.
  • If you take daily aspirin for cardiovascular or cerebrovascular protection do not skip your aspirin because of your COVID vaccine
  • If you are taking aspirin 81 mg daily this is not a high enough dose to produce an antipyretic or anti-inflammatory effect and should not compromise your vaccine
  • If you are taking aspirin 325 mg daily , take your last dose of aspirin the MORNING before your vaccine and then take your aspirin at least 4 -6 hours after your vaccine on the day of inoculation

In summary, do not shy away from using Tylenol after vaccine administration if need and try to avoid Motrin and Tylenol as prophylactic treatment before the vaccine.

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